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Thanks for taking the time to read over these points.  With the industry becoming more and more difficult due to over saturation of vendors in the wedding industry.... I've been scratching my head in terms of ideas on how to take a bigger share of the huge but over shared wedding market in Hawke's Bay.  I eventually realised I was already successfully engaged in. a marketing method that works extremely well within my portrait business. It only took a little bit of thought before I could easily envision it within the same boundaries of the wedding market. I can go a full year with little or no portrait enquiry. However when I use this marketing process I can book 80 sittings in a two month period. I've outlined my wedding idea below that I'd love you all to be a part in. Why include you in this? Because together I believe we can deliver a more valuable 'white light to the moths'... and why not share and give back to those I value in the industry.

  • Richard Wood Photography is rebranding the wedding photography side of business to a seperate brand. 'Rabbit & Fox'.  This is a good vehicle to carry a good reason for this promotion. It announces celebration rather than 'desperation'.

  • An ultimate prize package is put together for those planning weddings in the 2019-2020 season. Each vendor (approx 6... 1 in each sector ie photo, venue, video, MUA, Hair etc). The prize would be in the form of discount vouchers. For example each vendor donates a 50% off voucher for the prize pack. Any bride winning this pack of vouchers can potentially save themselves thousands.

  • Why be a part of and provide a voucher?

  1. This promotion will be shared throughout Hawke's Bay by those who know brides about to get married, resulting in what I'd expect over 100 entries into the draw.​

  2. As well as the 50% loss leader.... we all have the potential to provide a "runner up" prize to every single other entrant. Whether this be 10% or 25% off vouchers.... the savings throughout on wedding costs is still huge for every individual that has entered. This would be in the form of either an email or a snail mail mail out congratulating every single recipient and providing them with marketing to pull them through your door.

  3. We also have the power to pull together as a team and promote each and one another. We are able to promote one another via this amazing competition via our social media avenues.

  4. Finally, this promotion is a team effort to push through social media advertising. It's.a shared campaign meaning each of us receives the marketing benefit of each of our avenues with this push. Free and effective advertising promoting each others brands.

This is an initial draft plan and would love to hear all your thoughts.